Battle at the Castle Softball


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Tournament Setup

During the tournament four teams, composed of individual players, will compete for the glory and eternal honor! This is guaranteed to be four days of top softball! During these four days you play a minimum of 6 games at top level!

Were you born between January 1, 2000 and Juli 1, 2005? Do you play in your country's highest youth league? Than this is the tournament for you!

The four teams are:

  • Admirals
  • Bombers
  • Cavaliers
  • Falcons

Each team has maximum 12 players.

You register individually, not as a team. The teams will be chosen by the tournament management and the coaches based on equality and softball skills.

The four teams will be formed with players that normally spoken don't play with each other, but against each other. This is the chance to get to meet new friends!

The BATC (Battle at the Castle) Softball tournament is designed to bring four days of high level softball to the players in the tournament and all people watching the games. It aspires not only to be a great tournament of softball heroics, but also a place to meet new softball friends. Nothing beats playing around on a softball field with your friends and getting to play games every day. It will be a huge event!

Each team will play a minimum of 6 games in 4 days. The games will be played by International U16 rules. The highlights of these rules are:

  • Pitching distance: 40 feet (12.20 meters)
  • 12″ ball
  • 7 innings game duration

The four teams will be managed by the best available youth coaches, to be named later.